Canada Book Awards

FlagThe Canada Book Awards program recognizes and promotes Canadian author outstanding accomplishment. The Canada Book Awards is an ongoing book assessment program that honours Canadian authors regardless of when their books and/or eBooks were published.

The Canada Book Awards is not a contest and has no fee, annual deadline or publication date limitation. The award program recognizes the timelessness of a book’s merit whether the book is new or older. Regular books and/or eBooks are eligible for submission and assessment as long as the author is Canadian.

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In random order the following authors are Canada Book Award winners for their accomplishment and contribution to the publishing world. Their dedication, expression and passion are an inspiration for all of us.


Canada-Book-Awards-Winner-Liene-Adamsone-Spiritual-DanceCanada Book Award WINNER
Spiritual Dance
Author: Liene Adamsone
Publisher: Liene Adamsone
Spiritual Dance inspires readers to connect with their inner selves to access their creativity and bring happiness and positive energy into their lives. Liene Adamsone’s spiritual dance method emphasizes individual exploration and discovery. This series of life-affirming dances is designed to promote total well-being by harmonizing body, mind, and spirit.

Canada-Book-Awards-Winner-Lisa-Petty-Living-BeautyCanada Book Award WINNER
Living Beauty
Author: Lisa Petty
Publisher: Fitzhenry & Whiteside
Living Beauty: Feel Great, Look Fabulous & Live Well. Our looks speak volumes about our health, and ignoring some of the issues that confront us daily in the mirror is turning a blind eye to a wide variety of potential health concerns. A skin condition may not be a simple skin condition, but frequently the body’s way of indicating that something else is wrong – Lisa Petty Book Award WINNER
Expecting Sunshine: A Journey of Grief, Healing and Pregnancy After Loss
Author: Alexis Marie Chute
Publisher: She Writes Press
Expecting Sunshine is a story about the unbreakable bond between mother and child, that even in the face of loss love never dies. It is one mother’s heart wrenching, yet heartwarming journey of grief and healing week by week in her pregnancy after loss. Book Award WINNER
Under The Nail Polish
Author: Tina Griffith
Publisher: Xlibris
All four characters have deep, dark secrets that they don’t want anyone to know about. After a while, it becomes a full-time job to keep these secrets hidden. But once things start to unravel, it’s like a snowball effect, and no-one is spared – including you. Do you really know the person who is standing in front of you? Book Award WINNER
The Easy Road: Steering GenZed to Success
Author: Valora L Douglas
Publisher: 4th Floor Press, Inc.
The Easy Road inspires generation z, the newest generation entering the workforce, to live a life of intention and embrace the newness that life presents, as they embark on a real journey of success. Readers will identify skills and interests, set a personalized career path, and gather tips on how to stand out among others in this highly competitive world.

Canada-Book-Awards-Winner-Teresa-Hawco-A-Course-In-ValuesCanada Book Award
A Course In Values
Author: Theresa Hawco
Publisher: Theresa Hawco
In life, Values are our “Operating System”.  We were born with these amazing characteristics and through life, we picked up corrupt files, our programs got distorted resulting in us living a very small, lack- luster life.  As soon as we do a clean up, we then start living the Magnificent Life that we are destined for! – Teresa Hawco – qualified Life Coach. Book Award WINNER
Loonie to Toonie – Financial basics for Canadians
Author: Jeana Deal
Publisher: Tellwell
Learning about personal finance can be daunting if you’re new to this topic. Loonie to Toonie starts off with the basic concepts. Beginning with money, this book gradually introduces new terms and investments so that you finish with a solid foundation of financial knowledge. With the help of this book, learning about investments is simple, fun, and exciting!

Canada-Book-Awards-Winner-Anne-Giardini-Advice-for-Italian-BoysCanada Book Award WINNER
Advice for Italian Boys
Author: Anne Giardini
Publisher: HarperCollins Canada
Advice for Italian Boys resonates and surprises. Anne Giardini reveals how life’ s most intense moments arise unexpectedly, and how, like Nicolo, we must glean the advice we need to live our lives from well-intentioned but often misguided friends, family and strangers. Filomena Pavone, Nonna to her family, watches over and advises her grandsons by day, and dreams by night of her youth in the southern Italian village of Arduino.

Canada-Book-Awards-Winner-Catherine-McKenzie-ForgottenCanada Book Award WINNER
Author: Catherine McKenzie
Publisher: HarperCollins Canada
Emma Tupper is a dedicated lawyer with a bright future. But when she takes a month-long leave of absence to go on an African vacation, she ends up facing unexpected consequences. After she falls ill and spends six months trapped in a remote village thanks to a devastating earthquake, Emma returns home to discover that her friends, boyfriend, and colleagues thought she was dead-and that her life has moved on without her.

Canada-Book-Awards-Donna-Milner-After-RiverCanada Book Award WINNER
After River
Author: Donna Milner
Publisher: Harper Perennial
Natalie adores her three brothers-especially Boyer, the eldest, whom she idolizes. But everything changes one hot July afternoon in 1966 when a long-haired stranger appears at their door-a soft-spoken American, a Vietnam War resister, who will test the family’s morals and beliefs, and set in motion catastrophic events that will shatter Natalie’s relationships with those she most dearly loves.

Canada-Book-Awards-Winner-Barbara-Reid-Picture-a-TreeCanada Book Award WINNER

Picture a Tree
Author: Barbara Reid
Publisher: Albert Whitman & Company
From bare branches tracing the sky to an explosion of colour, a place for adventure or a friend to shelter us from the sun-a tree can be so many things. With lyrical text and her signature plasticine magic, Barbara Reid captures these majestic beings: in every season, growing and changing, interacting with the people and animals around them. Book Award WINNER
Believing in Beth
Author: Edith McGrath and Marci McGrath
Publisher: Hawthorne Lane Publishing
Believing in Beth is a true story that shares how the birth of one special little girl, Beth McGrath, turns her family’s life upside down. As a result of Congenital Rubella Syndrome, Beth continually struggles to escape into a world of her own. For the love of her daughter, Beth’s mother Edie, is determined to make Beth live in her family’s world.

Canada-Book-Awards-Winner-Susan-Hughes-The-Island-HorseCanada Book Award WINNER
The Island Horse
Author: Susan Hughes
Publisher: Kids Can Press
While her father works, Ellie explores the island, feeling alone and furious with her pa for making them leave their beloved home. Even meeting a spirited island girl named Sarah does little to dispel her anger and grief. Then one afternoon, Ellie encounters a wild stallion grazing on the dunes, and slowly forges a secret connection with the beautiful horse she names Orchid. But Ellie soon learns that Orchid and his family are threatened, and it may be up to her to save them.

Canada-Book-Awards-Winner-Thomas-Wharton-Fathomless-FireCanada Book Award WINNER
The Fathomless Fire
Author: Thomas Wharton
Publisher: Doubleday Canada
When Will learns that his friends in the Perilous Realm are in danger, he realizes that he must go back to Fable, their world of Story where Malabron the Night King threatens all who live there. But Will’s friend Rowen has journeyed further than the rest of his companions, into the Weaving, an ever-changing place of mystery and untold dangers from which none return…The “Fathomless Fire” is the second in “The Perilous Realms” trilogy.

Canada-Book-Awards-Mary-Walters-The-Whole-Clove-DietCanada Book Award WINNER
The Whole Clove Diet
Author: Mary Walters
Publisher: CreateSpace
The Whole Clove Diet is part diary of an eating addiction, part domestic drama, part comedy and part tale of the growing awareness and independence of a young woman poised on the precipice of maturity. You will shake your head at Rita, smile at her in recognition – and, ultimately, cheer her on as she begins to clean up the quagmire of her life.

Canada-Book-Awards-Sheri-Lynn-Kenny-The-Kitchen-of-Many-ColoursCanada Book Award WINNER
The Kitchen of Many Colours
Author: Sheri-Lynn Kenny
Publisher: Xlibris
This is the story of Lara Kennedy and her family. They have just moved to a new and remote community. Lara makes new friends who will be invaluable when a tragedy befalls her family. This book focuses on fire safety, making friends, diversity in the community, multiculturalism and acceptance. Great for ages four to ten.

Canada-Book-Awards-Winner-Sarah-Selecky-This-Cake-is-for-the-PartyCanada Book Award WINNER
This Cake is for the Party
Author: Sarah Selecky
Publisher: Thomas Allen Publishers
I believe that good writing needs heart, consciousness, and super-practiced skills. I love short fiction – writing it, reading it, and teaching it. For part of the year, I work on my own writing. For the other part of the year, I work closely with writers to bring insight and innovation to their work.  I help people write the kinds of sentences and stories that they want to read – Sarah Selecky

Canada-Book-Awards-Winner-Shauntay-Grant-Apples-and-ButterfliesCanada Book Award WINNER
Apples and Butterflies
Author: Shauntay Grant
Publisher: Nimbus Publishing
Tamara Thiébaux-Heikalo’s rich and wild illustrations build a narrative with the text, showing us the family beachcombing, flying kites, and picking apples. Shauntay Grant’s award-winning poetry makes the reader long to go with her, and conveys the wide-open space of Prince Edward Island where you can breathe air that tastes like apples: red, ripe and ready for picking.

Canada-Book-Awards-Winner-Kathy-Buckworth-I-Am-So-the-Boss-of-YouCanada Book Award WINNER
I Am So the Boss of You
Author: Kathy Buckworth
Publisher: McClelland & Stewart
In this day and age – when parenting books are a dime a dozen – it’s easy for a mom to get confused. Do you go democratic or hover like a helicopter? Do you take a tiger-ish approach, or something more “hands off,” like those French women who supposedly raise perfect children? Parenting author and humourist Kathy Buckworth has a completely different idea: Why not let the boardroom be your guide?

Canada-Book-Awards-Winner-Jann-Arden-Falling-BackwardsCanada Book Award WINNER
Falling Backwards
Author: Jann Arden
Publisher: Random House of Canada
In addition to being an incredible musician and multi-award-winning lyricist, Jann is a natural writer and simply an inspiration. Jann will capture your heart – and keep you in stitches – with her powerful stories about coming of age as an artist and as a human being. Jann brings her wit and that infectious sparkle to everything she does. This book is no exception.

Canada-Book-Awards-Winner-Shelley-Hrdlitschka-Sister-WifeCanada Book Award WINNER
Sister Wife
Author: Shelley-Hrdlitschka
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Strict obedience is expected. In the isolated rural community of Unity, the people of The Movement live a simple life guided by a set of religious principles and laws that are unique to them. Polygamy is the norm, strict obedience is expected and it is customary for young girls to be assigned to much older husbands. Celeste was born and raised in Unity, yet she struggles to fit in.

Canada-Book-Awards-Winner-Claudia-Cornwall-Catching-CancerCanada Book Award WINNER
Catching Cancer
Author: Claudia Cornwall
Publisher: Rowman and Littlefield
Catching Cancer: the quest for its viral and bacterial causes introduces readers to the investigators who created a medical revolution – a new way of looking at cancer and its causes. Featuring interviews with notable scientists such as Harald zur Hausen, Barry Marshall, Robin Warren, and others, the book tells the story of their struggles, their frustrations, and finally the breakthroughs that helped form some of the most profound changes in the way we view cancer.

Canada-Book-Awards-Winner-Becoming-Vegan-Express-Edition-Brenda-Davis-Vesanto-MelinaCanada Book Award WINNER
Becoming Vegan: Express Edition
Author: Brenda Davis / Vesanto Melina
Publisher: Book Publishing Company
Completely revised, this seminal classic offers fresh insights into the implications of becoming vegan for individuals and for our fragile planet. Extensive but easy to understand, new information on the health benefits of vegan diets and in-depth coverage of essential nutrients enable readers to construct an optimal plant-based diet.

Canada-Book-Awards-Sheri-Lynn-Kenny-Battle-at-Bogs-HollowCanada Book Award WINNER
Battle at Bogs Hollow
Author: Sheri-Lynn Kenny
Publisher: Xlibris
This story is about three friends: a frog, a fish and a turtle. One day their home is invaded by humans with big, yellow, mechanical monsters. The three friends do their best to save their home. This is a wonderful story that focuses on friendship, human impact on the environment, environmental stewardship and sustainability. Greats for ages three to ten.

Canada-Book-Awards-Winner-Mark-Lavorato-Serafim-and-ClaireCanada Book Award WINNER
Serafim and Claire
Author: Mark Lavorato
Publisher: House of Anansi Press
From one of Canada’s brightest emerging writers comes an unforgettable tale of love, art, and life. Set in the vividly imagined streets of 1920s Montreal, Serafim and Claire is the beautiful, moving, and compulsively readable story of two dreamers whose worlds become forever connected.

Canada-Book-Awards-Winner-Kathryn-Kuitenbrouwer-All-the-Broken-ThingsCanada Book Award WINNER
All the Broken Things
Author: Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer
Publisher: Random House Canada
All the Broken Things is a spellbinding novel, at once melancholy and hopeful, about the peculiarities that divide us and bring us together, and the human capacity for love and acceptance. A novel of exceptional heart and imagination about the ties that bind us to each other, broken and whole, from one of the most exciting voices in Canadian fiction.

Canada-Book-Awards-Winner-Arden-McGregor-Meghan-Irvine-Caseys-Journey-of-HopeCanada Book Award WINNER

Casey’s Journey of Hope
Author: Arden McGregor
Artist: Meghan Irvine
Publisher: Brainworks
Dubbed a children’s book … for adults, Casey’s Journey of Hope is an inspirational and charming story that will resonate with readers of all ages. Thoughtfully written and beautifully illustrated, this book takes the reader on a magical journey of transformation.

Canada-Book-Awards-Winner-Barry-Finlay-The-Vanishing-WifeCanada Book Award WINNER
The Vanishing Wife
Author: Barry Finlay
Publisher: Keep On Climbing Publishing
Mild-mannered accountant Mason Seaforth is forced to exchange his spreadsheets for a Glock 17 after his wife Sami disappears the night of their 20th wedding anniversary. He and Sami’s friend Marcie Kane follow a trail from their hometown of Gulfport, Florida to Ottawa, Canada where Mason must make life or death decisions that he could never have imagined.

Canada-Book-Awards-Sheri-Lynn-Kenny-The-Alphabet-According-to-DeweyCanada Book Award WINNER
The Alphabet According to Dewey
Author: Sheri-Lynn Kenny
Publisher: ArtBookbindary
Dewey is a large, fun-loving, orange tabby cat. One of his favourite hobbies is getting into mischief. In this book Dewey teaches the reader all about the alphabet as he uses it. The book uses photography, humour and questions so the reader can interact with him. A fresh, new way to look at the alphabet. Great for ages two to eight and cat lovers of all ages.

Canada-Book-Awards-Winner-Mark-David-Gerson-The-MoonQuestCanada Book Award WINNER
The MoonQuest: The Q’ntana Trilogy, Book I
Author: Mark David Gerson
Publisher: MDG Media International
In a land where fear rules and storytelling spells death, only one bard’s imagination can end the tyranny.Here, as black-clad armies terrorize the countryside, Toshar and his three companions must follow a trail of stories to the source of the moon’s dimmed light. A gripping and epic adventure rich with universal truth.

Canada-Book-Awards-Winner-Souad-Sharabani-Scents-of-MemoryCanada Book Award WINNER
Scents of Memory
Author: Souad Sharabani
Publisher: Voice Print Educational Productions
Scents of Memory is a passionate celebration of food and place. Souad Sharabani’s recipes capture the simplicity and flavour of fresh and wholesome ingredients; her compelling stories, the power of love and generosity to transform even the humblest of meals into an unforgettable one. Souad shows in Scents of Memory that food really does connect us all.

Canada-Book-Awards-Winner-LM-Blanchard-The-Golden-Link-to-OnenessCanada Book Award WINNER
The Golden Link to Oneness
Author: LM Blanchard
Publisher: General Store Publishing House
In The Golden Link to Oneness, L.M. Blanchard makes accessible teachings that have resonated with sages and mystics from cultures and traditions that seem far removed. The author delivers relevant insights into perspectives that rise above the limited views of the ego-mind and clears the way to journey along your unique spiritual path and at your own pace.

Canada-Book-Awards-Sheri-Lynn-Kenny-The-Adventures-of-DigbeeCanada Book Award WINNER
The Adventures of Digbee: Have You Seen My Touque?
Author: Sheri-Lynn Kenny
Publisher: ArtBookbindery
Digbee is a coelophysis dinosaur and he lives along the Bay of Fundy. Digbee has a colourful touque and yellow rubber boots. One day the wind steals Digbee’s touque away. During the search for his touque, Digbee meets many Canadian animals who become his friend. He also learns all about the colours in his hat. Great for ages two to ten.

Canada-Book-Awards-Winner-Theodora-Armstrong-Clear-Skies-No-Wind-100%-VisibilityCanada Book Award WINNER
Clear Skies, No Wind, 100% Visibility
Author: Théodora Armstrong
Publisher: Astoria/House of Anansi Press Inc.
Set against the divergent landscape of British Columbia – from the splendors of nature to its immense dangers, from urban grease and grit to dry, desert towns – Clear Skies, No Wind, 100% Visibility examines human beings and their many frailties with breathtaking insight and accuracy. Théodora Armstrong peoples her stories with characters as richly various – and as compelling – as her settings.

Canada-Book-Awards-Winner-Richard-Wm-Short-I-am-Mata-HariCanada Book Award WINNER
I am Mata Hari
Author: Richard Wm Short
Publisher: Devonia Technical Communication Services Inc.
I am Mata Hari ~ the life story of the world’s most famous dancer, courtesan and spy
You know the name of the woman who was accused of being the greatest female spy of the century.
You know the name of the woman whose exploits were claimed to cause the slaughter of 50,000 men.
You know her name, but you don’t know her story.
– And it is not at all what you think.

Canada-Book-Awards-Winner-Velvet-Haney-The-Mousehouse-YearsCanada Book Award WINNER
The Mousehouse Years
Author: Velvet Haney
Publisher: Civil Sector Press
Velvet Haney’s The Mousehouse Years is the history of her parents’ dysfunctional romance and the story of a single mother raising six children in the slums of Toronto in the early sixties. It is a bittersweet and humorous memoir. Velvet recalls her past with affection and with clear eyes turns the dark into light.

Canada-Book-Awards-Winner-Laurie-Anne-Hoover-Trash-A-True-StoryCanada Book Award WINNER
Trash: A True Story
Author: Laurie Anne Hoover
Publisher: FriesenPress
Trash is the true story of Lynn Hellers and her traumatic childhood growing up in the low-income row houses of Kingston, Ontario in the 1970s and 80s. Lynn’s memoir is told with frank and unapologetic realism that is at times harshly troubling and others bizarrely comical. It is a story of compelling resilience, crushing neglect, and unshakable hope.

Canada-Book-Awards-Sheri-Lynn-Kenny-Counting-KittensCanada Book Award WINNER
Counting Kittens
Author: Sheri-Lynn Kenny
Publisher: ArtBookbindery
This is the story of ten little kittens who embark on an adventure. While camping beside the Bay of Fundy, they participate in all sorts of activities. This book uses colourful artwork to help children read, count from one to ten, and learn basic addition concepts. Great for ages two to ten.

Canada-Book-Awards-Steve-Rowe-88-Ice-House-StreetCanada Book Award WINNER
88 Ice House Street
Author: Steve Rowe
Publisher: Steve Rowe Books
Two business and law school classmates Bev and Donovan become study group partners at Western and form a close working relationship. Bev inherits a half billion dollars from a family mining fortune based in Zimbabwe. They team up to repatriate this fortune from a country with strict currency controls. A story of love, humour and international business.

Canada-Book-Awards-Winner-Teresa-Schapansky-Imogene-of-the-Pacific-KingdomCanada Book Award WINNER
Imogene of the Pacific Kingdom
Author: Teresa Schapansky
Publisher: Teresa Schapansky
A cranky aunt, a kind butler, a forbidden east wing, and a loving mother’s disappearance. Imogene holds onto her mother’s last words, assuring the child of her return in five years’ time. Why so long? Follow along as Imogene embarks on a journey to an incredible world, learns who she really is, and where her true destiny lies. Book Award WINNER
Blood Runner
Author: JD Stanley
Publisher: JD Stanley
Healer by trade, anti-hero by grudging acceptance, vampire by… mistake? Richard struggles with his blood-stealing drive for five thousand years until Maggie incinerates his life during the 1700s. But now? In a modern day Ontario forest, the old gods, young vampires, ancient magic, and the outcome of a blood feud could dictate the fate of the world. Book Award WINNER
Ontario Garlic: The Story from Farm to Festival
Author: Peter McClusky
Publisher: History press
Ontario Garlic is a social, scientific and cultural history of garlic in Ontario, and traces the origin of garlic to central Asia 10,000 years ago. It weaves archival research with anecdotes, including stories about garlic and racial stereotypes, with interviews with New Canadians, chefs, gardeners and farmers.

canada-book-awards-winner-sheila-chartrand-the-schobrineCanada Book Award WINNER
The Schobrine
Author: Sheila Chartrand
Publisher: April Dew Publishing
What in the world is a Schobrine? Join this family on an exciting guessing game as they try to choose the perfect pet to welcome to their home. The children come up with all possibilities and when the Dad suggests that they get a Schobrine, the puzzled children keep guessing until they finally figure out what it is. Can you guess the animal?

canada-book-awards-winner-christopher-olech-the-fighter-withinCanada Book Award WINNER
The Fighter Within – Everyone has a Fight
Author: Christopher Olech
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
An inspirational book for Mixed Martial Arts fans which brings insider stories, heartfelt moments and the human element to what’s perceived as a savage sport. It reveals thoughtful, encouraging and even lighthearted insights into the minds and souls of true champions. Features an impressive array of interviews with a veritable who’s-who of elite MMA fighters. Book Award WINNER
The Kangaroo With The Wooded Shoe
Author: Anne Raina
Publisher: Anne Raina
The Kangaroo With the Wooden Shoe is a delightful, rhyming tale that engages young readers and invites them to be a part of the adventure. The imaginative illustrations of the Kangaroo on a camping trip, joining a tea party, and attending a concert, provide children with rich opportunities to make connections to their own life experiences. Illustrated by Julia Taylor. Book Award WINNER
Whisper Into My Eyes
Author: Christopher Jackson
Publisher: Book Baby
Whisper Into My Eyes is the first composition from the book series Cracked Hearts One Soul. Described as a meditative poetic journal, this first book will take you traveling to places where time and space does not always exist. It will draw out of you feelings of pain, fear, suffering and sadness but yet also those of love, peace, happiness, and harmony… Book Award WINNER
Full Moon Lagoon
Author: Monica Nawrocki
Publisher: FriesenPress
Maddy and Cat spend the summers looking for action on magical Cortes Island, but they get more than they bargained for when they go lagoon-diving at midnight. The twelve year-olds emerge from the current to find themselves in a whole new world; strangely familiar, and increasingly dangerous. Their quest to return home turns into the adventure of a lifetime. Book Award WINNER
ANGELS and Other Inspirational Verse
Author: Linda Hersey
Publisher: Linda Hersey
This unique collection of powerful, uplifting verse takes you on a touching poetic journey of hope, empowerment and contentment, bringing peace and light to even your darkest days. We all take wrong turns and we all need inspiration and encouragement at times – a reminder that we should never lose hope. Every day is a new beginning, and happiness and a positive attitude are our choice to make. We can rise above the often-difficult times in life. This is poetry for the soul. Book Award WINNER
Kat and the Meanies
Author: Anna Blauveldt
Publisher: Under The Maple Tree Books
Kat and the Meanies is a richly illustrated children’s picture book with a surprising twist in the end. Kat’s Mom and Dad have lots of rules for her to follow…so many rules that she’s sure they belong to a Meany Club. What’s a girl to do? Kat dreams of slipping away to find fun in all sorts of places. Who knows where her journeys will take her? Book Award WINNER
Clara’s Rib
Author: Clara Raina Flannigan and Anne Raina
Publisher: Anne Raina
Clara’s Rib is the true story of a young girl coming of age in a tuberculosis hospital in the 1940s and ’50s. Clara’s story focuses mainly on her years growing up in ‘the San’ in Ottawa, Canada. Readers of all ages will be drawn into the evolving seasons of Clara’s life of courage, faith, pranks, laughter, first love, despair and hope from the time she enters the San as a pre-teen until her departure as a young woman in her mid-twenties. Book Award WINNER
Drift and Hum: The Great Canadian-American Novel
Author: Robert Martichenko
Publisher: Karmack Publications LLC
Drift and Hum is a captivating debut novel about the kite ride of life and dealing with obstacles along the way. The story is told through the eyes of Sam, a 50-year-old South Carolina man who reflects from the present day back to his Canadian childhood and his adventures with the Beaver Brothers. Book Award WINNER
Things That Go SPLAT!
Author: Anne Raina
Publisher: Anne Raina
Anne Raina has written a wildly entertaining tale about a mischievous boy’s quest to find Things That Go SPLAT! – from toothpaste and a water-filled balloon, to a lemon pie. Young readers will be captivated by the rich text and Julia Taylor’s vivid illustrations, all the while learning a valuable life lesson about the importance of empathy. Illustrated by Julia Taylor. Book Award WINNER
Tessy The Unexpected Adventure
Author: Cathryn Trout
Publisher: Cathryn Trout
Tessy thought that life in the country was boring. That is, until she discovered what grew under the plants in Grandmother’s garden. Nothing in the city had prepared her for what she found there. Join Tessy in her first adventure, where she finds that the most extra-ordinary things can happen in the most ordinary places. Book Award WINNER

The Magic Mask
Author: P R Stadnyk
Publisher: Tellwell Talent
A beautifully illustrated magical book about a young girl who overcomes her fear of water and enters the mythical underwater world where she learns her sacred role as a steward of the planet. Book Award WINNER
Dette Chambers’ Death Journal
Author: L M du Preez
Publisher: LMDPRZ Creative
Dette can smell death. It’s a curse, an obsession, and a consuming addiction. She hates it and has managed to go an entire year without death. But everything changes when Zach, a stranger with an intoxicating and unpredictable scent, intrudes upon her life. Book Award WINNER
It Should Have Been a #GoodDay
Author: Natalie Corbett Sampson
Publisher: Clubhouse Press
A novel about perception told through viewpoints of four very different high school students. Themes include perspective, empathy, bullying, friendship, cyber safety and high school. This novel and its warning will stick with you long after you’ve read the last page. An essential read for today’s teens. Book Award WINNER
Gayle the Goose Goes Global
Author: Natasha Peterson
Publisher: Self-Published as Polar Bear Press
Gayle is a regular Canada Goose, except for one thing. She is directionally challenged. When her flock leaves Gayle behind at migration time, Gayle is forced to either sit back and wait for their return, or take on the challenge of a lifetime by migrating alone. Gayle learns that she does not need her flock to survive, and learns about Canada on her journey. Book Award WINNER
An African Safari
Author: Holly Rankin
Publisher: Lulu Publishing
Would you like to see a lion up close, or a spotted leopard drinking water, or elephants at play in a muddy pool while rhinos feed on short grass? See the many animals of Africa: buffalo, giraffes, zebras and hippos! Includes my photos and rhyming verses to introduce young children to the names and behaviours of African wildlife in their natural habitats. Book Award WINNER
Nutty Neighbors
Author: Natasha Peterson
Publisher: Polar Bear Press
This rhyming story is about a cheeky chipmunk named Charlie and a spunky squirrel named Pearl who, although they are alike in many ways, are actually forest foes. When both hungry animals collide in a race for some food, they are left in a situation where they are forced to work together. Both realize they have much more in common than either had known. Book Award WINNER
The Adventures of Digbee: The Mud Flat Bullies
Author: Sheri-Lynn Kenny
Publisher: Art Bookbindery
Digbee is back in his second book. Digbee plans to meet with his big dinosaur friends for a day of fun. But something goes terribly wrong and Digbee is not allowed to play with the big dinosaurs. Later in the day the big dinosaurs find themselves in trouble. Can Digbee put aside his hurt feeling to help save the day? Book Award WINNER
Tessy Under the Trees
Author: Cathryn Trout
Publisher: Cathryn Trout
Tessy could hear the leaves rustling outside her bedroom window, even in her sleep. During the day she would climb the trees, swing from their branches, and rest in their shade. Yet she never would have guessed what hid beneath them. Join Tessy in her fourth adventure where she comes face to face with what lies under the trees. Book Award WINNER
Zena’s Sixth Birthday- Lessons Learned!
Author: Bruce R. Foster
Publisher: SANFOS
This vividly illustrated non-fiction children’s book is based on an experience I had while serving as a school principal. A student, excited to see her father at the end of the day darts in front of the school bus. An alert bus driver slams on her brakes thereby avoiding a tragedy. This book is ideal for students, educators and parents. Many Lessons Learned! Book Award WINNER
The Illiterate Investor
Author: Rene Pineda
Publisher: Tellwell
There are many “how to invest” books on the market today directed to varying degrees of reader financial expertise. This book doesn’t rely on complex algorithms but instead provides straight forward advice, explains with simplicity the process of investing using basic concepts, stock charts and how to identify market-trend important information to profit. Book Award WINNER
Cloud Messenger
Author: Karen Trollope-Kumar
Publisher: Friesen Press
Cloud Messenger is a memoir, a narrative of a remarkable 11-year journey in the Himalayan foothills of north India. Karen Trollope-Kumar and her Indian husband Pradeep are both physicians. In Cloud Messenger, the author weaves cultural insights and descriptions of their medical work with a dramatic love story. Book Award WINNER
Hockey, Kids & Positive Coaching
Author: Christopher Meuse
Publisher: Lofeex Publishing Co.
Hockey, Kids & Positive Coaching is an inspiring story about how a young boy’s love for the game of hockey is affected by the pressures placed on him by the adults closest to him in life. It demonstrates how a child’s growth and development is enhanced when guided by those who are more concerned about feeling of self-worth than numbers on a scoreboard. Book Award WINNER
Birth, Sex and Abuse: Women’s Voices Under Nazi Rule
Author: Beverley Chalmers
Publisher: Grosvenor House
This multiple award-winning book provides a stunning expose of the childbirth and sexual abuse of Jewish and non-Jewish women under Nazi rule. Based on 12 years of study, the book’s inter-disciplinary view includes women’s history, Holocaust studies, social sciences and medicine, in a cutting-edge examination of what women themselves said, thought and did. Book Award WINNER
Harold the Homeless Hermit
Author: Natasha Peterson
Publisher: Polar Bear Press
Harold the hermit crab has outgrown his shell and is in search of a new home. He decides to find something more ‘flashy’ and ‘better’ than his regular shell or jug, but ultimately learns the hard way that no matter how unique the house, being with family is what truly makes a house a home. Book Award WINNER

The Book of Lua: Stories and Wisdom from a Little Cat with Mobility Challenges
Author: Dania Sheldon and Lua Sheldon
Publisher: Kittenhaus Press
An accident as a kitten left Lua partially paralyzed, but that does not stop this brave, determined, wise cat. In The Book of Lua, she talks about her challenges and joys, family and friends, adventures and insights. Lua has a humorous, inquisitive, imaginative approach to life and believes that being differently abled is an opportunity, not a disability. Book Award WINNER
Messages of Hope
Author: Christopher M Meuse
Publisher: Lofeex Publishing
The book includes articles and true stories written with the intent to inspire a positive approach to life’s journey. The Messages offer insights that will result in positive co-operation between individuals and nations for the common good of humanity and our planet, as well as hope for those who suffer. Book Award WINNER
Amazing But True 150 Fascinating Stories About Canada
Author: Lowell Green
Publisher: Spruce Ridge Publishing
150 stories about Canada and Canadians, including some from my own experience as Canada’s most honoured broadcaster. Each story can be read in two minutes or less, each contains a different fascinating aspect of the story that few people are aware of. Book Award WINNER

Fox Magic
Author: Beverley Brenna
Publisher: Red Deer Press
This middle-grade novel explores life from the perspective of 12 year old Chance Devlin. Her two best friends have committed suicide and as she struggles with grief and guilt, a red fox named Janet Johnson helps her come to terms with the past and face the future. With a helpful Afterword by Tim Claypool, PhD, RD Psych. Book Award WINNER
The Life and Times of Sir Reginald Tubb
Author: David Schacker
Publisher: CreateSpace
Told in lilting, rhyming verse by David Schacker and whimsical illustrations by Tina Seemann, this fanciful tale answers the age-old question: Can an abandoned bathtub of noble birth find happiness in a forest populated mainly by nice but not-very-bright bears? A delight for early readers and pre-schoolers, and the parents and grandparents who read to them. Book Award WINNER

Beyond Rock Bottom
Author: Kara Petrovic
Publisher: Kara Petrovic
A collection of poetry written by Kara Petrovic, a 21 year old who struggles with PTSD, and her diagnoses between Bipolar II Disorder and Borderline Personality. These poems give a look into the heartbreak, anguish, and ultimately, acceptance that comes to those afflicted with Mental Illness. Spanning across three years, they are an anthology of her relationships — with those who loved her, those who did not, those whom she loved and the way she tried to love herself. Book Award WINNER
Tessy Back of the Moon
Author: Cathryn Trout
Publisher: Cathryn Trout
Tessy had always enjoyed watching the moon rise above the horizon and glide across the night sky. But she had never realised that there was more to the moon than what she saw. Join Tessy in her second adventure as she returns to her grandmother’s house and discovers what lies behind the back of the moon. Book Award WINNER
One With Nature: A Day in the Life of a Lobster Fisher
Author: Christopher Meuse
Publisher: Lofeex Publishing
This book contains explanations and inspirational quotes about life’s journey. It contains inspirational quotes to help guide and motivate individuals.

Canada-Book-Awards-Winner-Tina-Griffith-The-Elusive-Mr-VelucciCanada Book Award WINNER
The Elusive Mr. Velucci
Author: Tina Griffith
Publisher: Authorhouse
This fairy-tale love story is set in both Italy and New York. Our young characters went into a business arrangement but ended up falling in love. They were forced to part ways and saw each other twenty years later, when his son was engaged to marry her daughter. Surprise…her daughter is also his daughter, but he doesn’t know it yet.

Canada-Book-Awards-Winner-Daryl-Ashby-85-Grams-Art-Williams-Drug-CzarCanada Book Award WINNER

85 Grams: Art Williams – Drug Czar
Author: Daryl Ashby
Publisher: Tellwell
The inner circle of Art Williams of Ladysmith, British Columbia break their code of silence in this new True Crime Narrative “85 Grams: Art Williams – Drug Czar” exposing every dirty secret and act of wizardry surrounding the largest synthetic criminal MDA drug empire of its day, involving the design, manufacture and global distribution of the predecessor to MDMA – Ecstasy. Book Award WINNER

Climbing Over Grit
Author: Marzeeh Laleh Chini & Abnoos Mosleh-Shirazi
Publisher: Wisehouse (Imprint: l’Aleph)
Mass arrests and execution of the opposition frightens Najma and her husband who have to make a decision to save her ‘too-curious’ daughter from a brutal government. Climbing Over Grit follows the odyssey of Najma’s family winding through the dangerous Bousher-Shiraz roads, during the eight-year war with Iraq, recounting the story of a family that has to pay a huge price for having made a mistake while trying to protect a loved one.

Canada Book Award WINNER
Tessy At the Back Door
Author: Cathryn Trout
Publisher: Cathryn Trout
Tessy loved running through Grandmother’s garden where all the paths were well worn and every plant was familiar. So you can imagine her surprise when she stepped out the back door and saw nothing she recognised. Join Tessy in her third adventure where she stumbles into a confusing mystery, and learns a deadly secret. Book Award WINNER
Driven to Succeed
Author: Kendal Netmaker
Publisher: Made for Success Publishing
“Driven to Succeed” is an incredible story of success from one of the most unlikely places on the planet. The story develops on a First Nation reservation, in northern Canada. The child of a single mom of 4, living on welfare, was forever changed through a simple act of kindness. Never has a detailed story been told of life on the rez. You will be inspired as you witness how one child chose to rise above his circumstances to achieve extraordinary success through the power of the mind. Book Award WINNER
The Bounty of Illusionist
Author: Renata Lumsden
Publisher: FriesenPress
Illusionist, a champion Standardbred racehorse, made headlines in the Toronto Star and Trot magazine in retirement. During her six-year, 140-race career, “Lusi” earned over a million dollars and set numerous track records. In that time, her indomitable spirit also earned her the love and admiration of her owners, Dave and Renata Lumsden. It was as a broodmare, however, that Illusionist would face her biggest challenge and make front-page news. Book Award WINNER
The Law of Attraction Game Book: 28 Days of Love
Author: Priya Khajuria
Publisher: Joyful Life Mastery
As soon as you begin to play this 100% personalized Game, you reawaken that secret part of you that is ready to really LIVE! This is the first step in the manifesting cycle…
When you awaken the magic within, you begin to attract what you desire from life. The life you want. The relationships you crave. The love story.
It all starts with you. Book Award WINNER
Finding Family
Author: Christine Clarke
Publisher: New Tangent Media
A coming-of-age novel about two young, single fathers as they struggle to establish a stable family life for their infant daughters and meet the challenges of building their futures on a British Columbia ranch. Together, they tackle heartbreak, loss and adventure. Book Award WINNER

What If… You Are Magic
Author: Nicole Bonar
Publisher: Nicole Bonar
What If… You Are Magic is a fun and colorful blend of eye-catching imagery with a positive twist on how children are special and ways they can help themselves bring more peace and joy to their lives and others. Book Award WINNER

The Adventures of Jules Khan: A Teenage Muslim Superhero
Author: Karim Devji
Publisher: Karim Devji
Jules Khan a fictional teenage superhero with caring parents who do their best to teach him morals and values. Jules takes his readers on an amazing adventure filled with history, truth, and what it will take to keep prejudice and war from ruining love and peace for all. It’s rare to find a young adult book that touches on such sensitive subjects as religion and world-wide politics, but Jules handles these heavy topics with a humor and grace not often found in a teenager. Book Award WINNER
A Cup Full Of Wishes
Author: Narissa Lila Sawh
Publisher: Tellwell Talent
Wishes… we all have them! This whimsical book is a collection of just some that we will want to share with little faces that bring us joy in so many ways! Loving words, however heard, bring warm fuzzy feelings and wide smiles whatever our age. The sweet wishes in this book will make little hearts burst with joy – and our own will melt as we remember the innocence of childhood. Book Award WINNER
125 Nature Hot Spots in Alberta: The Best Parks, Conservation Areas and Wild Places
Author: Leigh Mcadam / Debbie Olsen
Publisher: Firefly Books Ltd.
125 Nature Hot Spots in Alberta is a reader-friendly guidebook that explores this remarkable splendor and natural diversity of the province. Organized by region, each hot spot entry includes a descriptive destination profile, a colour photograph and a sidebar of at-a-glance information about special features and location. Essential for every traveler. Book Award WINNER
Peter Clapham Sheppard: His Life and Work
Author: Tom Smart, foreword: Louis Gagliardi
Publisher: Firefly Books Ltd.
This book is a celebration of the rediscovery of the masterworks of Toronto-born Peter Clapham Sheppard (1879-1965), an artist who played a leading role in the founding of Canada’s national school of art. A contemporary and colleague of the Group of Seven, he was one of the finest artists of his generation and his work is among the best in Canadian art. Book Award WINNER
Forbidden: Better Wear Your Flak Jacket
Author: F. Stone
Publisher: Romance Under Fire
Police captain, Hashim Sharif, is the keeper of his city’s bloody secret and a mentally ill woman who wasn’t supposed to survive. Allah may damn his soul for his devotion to a corrupt government. A CIA agent and hitmen test his loyalty. Honor and the survival of his prisoner drive him to the threshold of his faith. The key is forbidden and fatal. Book Award WINNER
Sydney’s Promise
Author: David Robert McKay
Publisher: David Robert McKay
Growing up in an impoverished home with an alcoholic mother weighed down by declining mental health caused Sydney Regan to believe that she was irrelevant to the world. However, the gift of a small, ornamental dog gave Sydney hope; a forgotten song maintained a vital bond, and an imaginary box buried in the depths of her mind ensured her survival. Book Award WINNER

Earl Fee is Running
Author: Earl W. Fee
Publisher: Tellwell Talent
Earl has broken over 56 world records in master’s running and hurdling in the past 32 years since age 57- indicating the correctness of his training methods and healthy lifestyle. In 2005 he was recognized by the World Masters Athletics as the Male Master Athlete of the World. For several decades he has been honoured in the USA and Canada with the name: “The Great Earl.”He is still going strong at age 90 in 2019–which adds to the credibility of his healthy anti-aging lifestyle. Book Award WINNER
Tuesdays with Henry: Making Moments with Grandma Ellen
Author: Marlane Pentelechuk
Publisher: Friesen Press
Tuesdays with Henry…Making Moments with Grandma Ellen is a simple story that demonstrates how parents can involve their young children when visiting loved ones who are often lonely, lost and confused due to Alzheimer’s and dementia. Illustrated by Lyn Vik. Book Award WINNER
The Aggrieved Parties
Author: Mike Guest
Publisher: Lexingford Publishing LLC
The Aggrieved Parties is a tale of revenge. Deceit. Betrayal. And trust. Spanning Khmer Rouge era Cambodia to modern Japan and Thailand, this is the story of Phany Som, who has an opportunity to exact revenge for the torture of her father, 40 years after the event. The story also touches upon issues of multiple identities, privacy, culture, and sexuality. Book Award WINNER

Twelve Eyes on the Sky
Author: Max Miller
Publisher: Max Miller
Tiam, a recent hire of O.W.A.N. Security and Private Investigations, is tasked with exploring Inau—a village inside a meteorite crater. Inau is ravaged by a supernatural entity that can manipulate anyone it enthralls. When you reach that coveted moment, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with twelve eyes on the sky, will you be filled with catharsis or dread? Book Award WINNER
Legions of Lilith: The Awakening
Author: Deanna R. Sweeney
Publisher: Pegasus Publishing
Veronica suffers otherworldly visions which cause her to lead a lonely existence in order to hide her curse from others. When people start ending up dead all around her, she fears that the gruesome deaths connected to her visions. When she is accused of the brutal murder of her landlord, she begins to realize that she is not the person she thought she was. Book Award WINNER
Cry of an Osprey
Author: Angie Vancise
Publisher: Angie Vancise
Twelve years ago, Jax, openly gay and the life of every party, and Ben, a shy gay Mennonite cabinetmaker with three young children and an oppositional ex-wife, had fallen in love. After societal and personal pressures, and one unforgivable mistake forced their breakup, neither ever recovered, though they’d recently been finding their way back to each other. Facing a potential future without Jax, Ben and Amelia must help each other accept all that will now remain unsaid and find a way forward. Book Award WINNER
Legions of Lilith: Ghosts of the Past
Author: Deanna R. Sweeney
Publisher: Pegasus Publishing
The second book in the Legions of Lilith series follows Veronica on a journey through her past that is full of disturbing revelations and heart breaking loss. Her friends are what hold her together as they face death and demons in their search for answers. Veronica will have to draw on all of her powers in order to defeat the evil that awaits her. Book Award WINNER
Freedom Is For The Birds
Author: JM Sutherland
Publisher: Mill City Press
Freedom Is For The Birds, is a riveting, heartwarming, thought-provoking story about a family of red-tailed hawks, which challenges and changes how you see all life. Book Award WINNER
736 Dominion Isn’t There Anymore
Author: Allan Royal
Publisher: Inglewood Press
Allan Royal offers what he knows about the love that shaped him in the giving and taking and weaves this knowledge into a fiction that seems so real you’ll feel it happened to you. This is the first book in a planned trilogy, each focusing on a different stage of Benjamin’s life. 736 Dominion Isn’t There Anymore is also the basis of Allan’s one-man show, The Tales of Benjamin Flicker (2019) that follows the development of his young fictional hero and muse. Book Award WINNER
They Walk Among Us
Author: Donna Olson
Publisher: Darkest Temptations
Four ghosts with blood curdling tales have stayed silent and simply roamed the land. Now it is time for them to tell their tales, no matter how heartbreaking or horrific they might be. Book Award WINNER
The Canadian Consul
Author: Brian Metcalfe
Publisher: Inglewood Press
Through the patronage of her father, Monique Duhamel became the Canadian consul in New York – a fact he will never let her forget. But at age fifty, her carefully-laid life has left little time for anything else, including her husband in Toronto. So, when Monique encounters an American congressman from the mid-west at a social event, their opposite personalities and political identities spark a mutual attraction that just might shake things up. Book Award WINNER
Voice of the Red Dragonfly
Author: Jennifer Charlinski
Publisher: Sunbury Press
The universe nudges each of us to awaken to our truest selves and live our most authentic lives – Ruby Jacobs is no different. Like many of us, Ruby has a good life, but unresolved fear prevents her from living her best life. Chance encounters with strangers are baffling, energy from nature is empowering and visits from the ethereal are mind altering. Will Ruby go deep and allow her expanding consciousness to remind her of who she truly is? Or will she continue to ebb in the flow? Book Award WINNER
Finding Their Way Home
Author: Brenda Baker
Publisher: Brenda Baker
Finding Their Way Home is a collection of poems that explore our shared humanity and the human condition. The poems are simple, honest, and heartfelt. Throughout, Brenda Baker introduces a wide range of characters from all walks of life – inviting the reader to share intimate stories of love, loss, heartache, pain, and joy. Book Award WINNER
Seekers of the Unknown
Author: M.A.T. Reeson
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Seekers of the Unknown is a fusion of fantasy and science fiction that comments on social issues. In a world where there are no days and nights, there are only regions of eternal light and darkness. When the people notice the light of their sun starting to move, it is left to the Seekers of the Unknown to probe in the dark and make a monumental discovery. Book Award WINNER
Hey Daddy! This book is for you
Author: Lp Camozzi
Publisher: Lp Creative
Hey Daddy! This book is for you. A guidebook for new fathers written by a father who is the oldest of seven children, a father of three now adult children and a grandfather of five. It delivers fun, practical advice on how to raise successful children in today’s challenging parenting world. This is Lp Camozzi’s fourth book and his first directed at parents. Book Award WINNER
The Blackout – A Novel Inspired by True Events
Author: Louise Arseneault
Publisher: Tellwell Talent
Lucy Sawyer is a vibrant fourteen-year-old traveling on her own for the first time. With adventure and excitement running through her veins, she braves her unknown: flying. Soaring through the air is everything she expected and more. Suddenly, before her next takeoff, all lights go out: a blackout. With no electricity and no familiar face to rely on, Lucy is left to the mercy of fate. However, by trusting strangers, following her instincts, and ignoring fear, Lucy embarks on a life-changing journey of friendship and personal growth. Book Award WINNER
Want: 8 Steps to Recovering Desire, Passion, and Pleasure After Sexual Assault
Author: Julie Peters
Publisher: Mango Publishing Group
We know, increasingly, how common and devastating sexual violence is for women, but we don’t always talk about how survivors can recover from the trauma and return to desire, sexuality, trust, and pleasure. Want is the story of how Julie Peters did just that – and how you can, too.

Canada Book Award WINNER
PMO Governance: Practical Strategies to Govern Portfolio, Program, and Project Delivery
Author: Eugen Spivak
Publisher: FriesenPress
“PMO Governance” book focuses on excellence in execution of corporate initiatives and serves as a strategic partner for establishing, improving, and running world-class Project Management Office. The book is written from a business-transformation perspective, offering an abundance of extraordinarily practical tips, and effective advice for project delivery. Book Award WINNER
Moving Through
Author: Lindsay Kochen
Publisher: The Way of the Phoenix
Written and illustrated by a psychotherapist/social worker, this story-poem for adults portrays how one person uses curiosity, mindful awareness, and loving kindness to move through challenges, ultimately finding connection within and beyond herself. The pages are filled with vibrant watercolours. A set of reflection questions is included at the end. This book could be used as a meditation or self-development tool, or it can simply be enjoyed for its story and art. Book Award WINNER
SIMPLY THE BEST – It may be simple, it’s never easy.
Author: Delvin Chatterson
Publisher: Tellwell and Uncle Ralph’s Publishing Empire
In this second novel in the series, Dale Hunter is back in business, but so is Gino Boncanno. Hunter has already had to save himself from a murder attempt by the gangster, Boncanno. Now his new partner in Taiwan is dragging him into business with the Triads and their smuggling scheme into the U.S. The danger escalates and Hunter still has to save his family from the murderous plans of Boncanno. Hunter’s escape may seem simple, but it’s never easy. Book Award WINNER
Kalli and the Cants
Author: Kimberly Tillmar
Publisher: Tellwell Talent
Kalli is a little girl who is sometimes afraid to try things on her own. It seems that whenever she tries to be independent or courageous, the Cants show up and stop her. Eventually, she learns how to chase the Cants away, allowing her to overcome her fears and become confident enough to try before giving up. Book Award WINNER
Pointed Attacks
Author: Vicky Earle
Publisher: Vicky Earle / Stone’s Throw Publication Services
Racehorse trainer, Grayson, is dead and Meg is asked to investigate. Syndicate members, who owned five horses trained by Grayson, are suspects. But the list grows as Meg learns about the horses’ poor health and disappointing performances. Meg must uncover the truth to stop more people and animals being hurt. And a life-changing secret is revealed to Meg. Book Award WINNER
Memoir of “A Sloppy, Spineless Creature”
Author: Rose Dudley
Publisher: Rose Dudley
With candour and wit, Rose recounts her life as a child of divorce, raised by a deranged grandmother and struggling with the British class-system, challenges, which affected her future. Descriptions of the countryside, references to events and the social mores of the post-war era fill you with a desire for the simple life that existed before these days of crass commercialism. Book Award WINNER
I’m Not the Only One
Author: Tori Hill
Publisher: Tellwell Talent
It’s been nine years since that dreaded night. A night meant for celebration that instead turned into her worst nightmare. I’m Not the Only One takes you back to the night that everything changed and what came next. Throughout the pages Hill takes you past where the story usually ends. What happens after the nightmare? How do you survive? Who are you now? Book Award WINNER
Nine Ways to Empower Tweens #LifeSkills
Author: Kathleen Boucher
Publisher: Tellwell Talent
Twins Emma and Elliot teach tweens practical life strategies that they’ve learned from their parents and teachers. These life skills include how to have more confidence when presenting in class, the importance of work ethic, and more. There are exercises at the end of each chapter that tweens can use to integrate what they’ve learned. Book Award WINNER
Of Days Gone By
Author: Patrick MJ Lozon
Publisher: Patrick MJ Lozon
April never thought she’d see the day they could restart the terra-forming plants on Ishaida. As a Porter running the transport trains between the last surviving great domed cities, she had but given up all hope.  Indeed, she was not alone, as the remaining colonists had conceded to watch their home slowly fade into a barren frozen wasteland. Book Award WINNER
Seven Essentials to Transform your Life
Author: Barun Gorain, PhD
Publisher: Tellwell Talent
Designed to allow you to tailor your lifestyle adjustments towards a happier and healthier future based on your own needs and personal time frame, Seven Essentials to Transform Your Life enables you to assess your current state of connectivity to life-enhancing elements for wellness—from physical fitness to spirituality to work-life balance—and make active, positive changes towards the life you dream of living. Book Award WINNER
Sound Mind
Author: Erika Nielsen
Publisher: Trigger Publishing
Containing wellness tips and coping strategies to live creatively, productively, and healthily with a mental illness, Sound Mind is a story of hope, healing, and transformation that reminds us that it is not only possible to function with a mental illness, it is possible to thrive. Sound Mind helps write a new narrative around mental health and wellness. Book Award WINNER
The Life I Didn’t Notice
Author: Gerry Visca
Publisher: Red Chair Branding Inc.
From the author/#whyguy inspiring 1 Million WHYs comes the third instalment of a transformational novel series, “The Life I Didn’t Notice”. An enchanting, inspirationally crafted novel that will leave you believing that your life is nothing short of a miracle. Book Award WINNER
The Heart’s Obsession
Author:Tonia Evans Cianciulli and Calvin D. Evans
Publisher: Flanker Press Ltd.
A standing ovation for Newfoundland’s international superstar opera singer, The Heart’s Obsession celebrates the historical ripple effect of one woman’s voice – Georgina Ann Stirling – and brings her astounding legacy into the twenty-first century. Forging a musical journey from across the surging sea of Twillingate, this heroine conquered the hearts of audiences through Europe, the United States, and beyond. Book Award WINNER
The Forbidden Dreams of Betsy Elliott
Author: Carolyn R. Parsons
Publisher: Flanker Press Ltd.
Forced into service after a tragedy, married to a much older man, Betsy Elliott is as hard as the rocks that line the shores of her island home. Brilliant, and hard-working, she will do anything to make things go her way in the harsh life she is forced to live in Outport Newfoundland. When an opportunity to escape appears, she must make an impossible choice. Book Award WINNER
Author: ML Holton
Publisher: Acorn Press Canada
Set on the southern shore of Lake Ontario in the rugged and beautiful wine-country of Niagara, three distinct families weave together – like grapevines – for 250 years, in their entangled pursuits of land, lust and loot. Expect the unexpected. Book Award WINNER
The Blue Moon Caper: A Damien Dickens Mystery
Author: Phyllis Entis
Publisher: Quintzy Press
Another coast-to-coast challenge for the Dickens Detective Agency. When Bruno Caravaggio confesses to a murder he didn’t commit, Damien returns to Atlantic City to find the killer and clear his friend’s name. His task is complicated by Bruno’s desire to protect his mother, and her equally strong instinct to defend her son. Book Award WINNER
“When will it stop hurting?” One man’s journey through grief
Author: Glenn Cameron
Publisher: Tellwell Talent
Crystle was the love of his life. For thirty-six years they had done everything together. As retirement approached all he could think of was spending even more time with his beautiful wife, growing old together. Just three years earlier they had sold their home in the Toronto area and moved to Niagara in preparation for retirement. Then on her 58th birthday, Crystle was diagnosed with stage four brain cancer. Book Award WINNER
Truck Got Stuck
Author: Jenny Lee Learn
Publisher: Amabel Books
A convoy of trucks is stuck in the snow. Who will save everyone? Skillfully crafted into this lively story is a shared reading concept which effortlessly builds confidence in children learning to read. Bright and lively this book is intended for ages 3 to 6 but will be enjoyed by the whole family. Book Award WINNER
A Roll of the Bones
Author: Trudy J. Morgan-Cole
Publisher: Breakwater Books
A vivid reimagining of settler life in the early seventeenth century, A Roll of the Bones is the first in a trilogy of novels wrestling with the realities of colonization. Here, Morgan-Cole presents an array of unforgettable characters inhabiting the space where two worlds will collide, where the limits of love and loyalty will be tried in an unforgiving landscape. Book Award WINNER
We Will All Be Received
Author: Leslie Vryenhoek
Publisher: Breakwater Books
In We All Will Be Received, Leslie Vryenhoek offers a range of unforgettable characters – all hoping to reconstruct a truth that’s been shattered by perspective – and asks whether anyone can find peace or atonement in a contemporary world where technology makes the past ever present. Book Award WINNER
The Lighthouse
Author: Elaine Kozak
Publisher: Tellwell Talent
The glory of New Mexico sunshine refracting through the famed Tree of Light window embodies the spirit of the Lighthouse resort, architect Niels Larsen’s final, brilliant creation before his untimely death. Located on the family ranch and run by his daughter Ris and her husband Lucas Wilde – whose harrowing past led to a monk’s vows until his love for Ris shattered them – the Lighthouse is a haven offering rest and rejuvenation. Book Award WINNER
The Queen of Thorns
Author: Donna J. A . Olson
Publisher: Darkest Temptations Publishing
Imprisoned for the crimes of her father, Kenna is locked away in the realm Fengsel Verden. With thoughts of revenge and suffering in her head, the last thing she needs is to be distracted, but she cannot help but be draw to one of her jailers Vlad, the keeper of Madness. They both have demons to fight but maybe they can find strength in each other. Book Award WINNER
Author: Jolie P. Hoang
Publisher: FriesenPress
In desperation to reunite with his six older children who have settled in Canada, a father boarded a boat with his wife and his three younger children to escape Vietnam in 1985. The anchorless boat sank in the Pacific Ocean. The father and his youngest daughter drown.  Anchorless tells a remarkable story of his courage and his sacrifice. Book Award WINNER
Land Beyond the Sea
Author: Kevin Major
Publisher: Breakwater Books
In the small hours of October 14, 1942, a German U-boat sank the SS Caribou in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Of the 237 people on board, 136 perished, including 49 civilians. Bestselling author Kevin Major reimagines the events of that fateful night from the perspectives of both those aboard the doomed vessel and the German U-boat commander who gave the order. Book Award WINNER
Single and Catless
Author: Kaylee Gryba
Publisher: Amazon
What started as diary entries from the self-proclaimed “Queen of Overreactions” quickly turned into a stand-up comedy show in 2017 – and, after an enthusiastic crowd response – the current book of dating horror stories and catty remarks. Kaylee Gryba’s Single and Catless is one part memoir, one part self-help, and has been described by readers as “raw” and “ridiculously funny.” Book Award WINNER
Even Weirder Than Before
Author: Susie Taylor
Publisher: Breakwater Books
THE EARLY 1990s: there’s no internet, phones have cords, VHS is still a thing, and Daisy Radcliffe’s family is disintegrating. As the stability of Daisy’s old life disappears, she is set adrift into the odd territory between adolescence and adulthood. Even Weirder Than Before is a coming-of-age story exploring the weirdness of growing up Gen X, and the freedom found outside the norm. Book Award WINNER
New and Collected Poems
Author: Tom Dawe
Publisher: Breakwater Books
For almost fifty years, Tom Dawe has stood as one of the most respected and admired poets in Newfoundland. This definitive, necessary collection spans five decades of poetic achievement, reprinting each of Dawe’s published collections while gathering previously uncollected poems along with a stunning body of new work. Book Award WINNER
Male CoDe
Author: Gary Chittenden
Publisher: Tellwell Talent
MALECODEA mid-sized company in Canada is about to launch a new product that will revolutionize birth control.A megalomaniac is convinced that his way to stop overpopulation is the only way and he intends to discredit or stop the makers of Malecode. He has no bounds or barriers, no morals or sympathy for the inhabitants of Earth. Book Award WINNER
Flying Ace: Errol’s Gander Adventure
Author: Sheilah Roberts Lukins
Publisher: Breakwater Books
Errol the mouse takes to the sky in this magical journey through time. Errol travels back to 1940 where he meets Dan, a radio operator on a full-sized Hudson bomber, and gets to accompany the crew on their late night, top-secret flight across the Atlantic. When an enemy plane appears over Ireland, only Errol can save them. Book Award WINNER
No Smoke Without Fire
Author: Brian Humphreys
Publisher: Tellwell Talent
When the furnace was shut down on Aug. 7, 2000, for a major rebuild that was expected to last just 10 days, nobody dreamed they would not see smoke from that stack again for almost two months. The horrific events that took place on that fateful evening will forever remain in the minds of workers, families, and friends. Book Award WINNER
Nanny’s Kitchen Party
Author: Rebecca North
Publisher: Breakwater Books
When you get invited to a kitchen party at your grandmother’s house, there may be certain things you don’t expect to find: like moose and foxes and bears! In this exciting, playful romp through a Newfoundland kitchen party, there are an increasing number of animal party crashers…and one fun-loving Nanny smack dab in the middle of it all.

Canada-Book-Awards-Winner-Gemma-Hickey-Almost-FeralCanada Book Award WINNER
Almost Feral
Author: Gemma Hickey
Publisher: Breakwater Books
Through complex feelings of empathy and solitude, weakness and strength, suffering and recovery, Gemma Hickey’s Almost Feral chronicles a journey from one side of an island to the other side of personal identity – charting an unknown territory where one’s body becomes the map that leads to home. Book Award WINNER
The Tethered Man
Author: Lazar Sarna
Publisher: Adelaide Books
The Tethered Man (adnei ha-sadeh) is described as a human-like creature connected to the earth by an umbilical cord. It dies if the cord were cut, since that is its essential channel for food. Adnei ha-sadeh literally means master of the field. In ancient and medieval legends, the adnei ha-sadeh is humanoid, or an ape, or a plant-man. Book Award WINNER
Send More Tourists…the Last Ones Were Delicious
Author: Tracey Waddleton
Publisher: Breakwater Books
These are stories of survival. Unafraid, dreamy, and downright weird, these stories cross boundaries of geography, gender, and generation with an eye to the transient nature of human life. Book Award WINNER
The Tiger Like Me
Author: Kelsey Lee
Publisher: Tellwell Talent
The Tiger Like Me is the story of a brave young girl who dares to be different. Following the call of her adventurous spirit, she encounters inspiring creatures of the jungle who remind her to face her fears, recognize the beauty of the present moment, and to walk the path less traveled. Book Award WINNER
Three Bunny Sisters
Author: Raveena Duggal, Diya Duggal and Amisha Duggal
Publisher: Tellwell Talent
Meghan, Sophia and Sparkle are three bunny sisters who learn about the joy of working together and helping others who are less fortunate than themselves. In this children’s book, the three sisters work together as they learn about the world of philanthropy. Book Award WINNER
An Unorthodox Guide to Wildlife
Author: Katie Vautour
Publisher: Breakwater Books
An Unorthodox Guide to Wildlife considers how animals exist in our lives and imaginations: as autonomous beings, as mimics and metaphors of our own lives, and as bellwethers of environmental damage. At times humourous, tragic, or both, these poems tell the story of natural existence in a sometimes unnatural world. Book Award WINNER
Another Land
Author: Elizabeth Fleet
Publisher: FriesenPress
A young teacher, looking for a two year experience in another country, leaves England in the 1960s and journeys to Western Canada. New arrivals in a country always face unfamiliar circumstances. Some of the early prose passages in this book detail, with humour, those challenges, even for an  individual who already speaks English. Illustrated by Sandra Donohue. Book Award WINNER
Galavanting Through Europe With Young Children
Author: Rocko Paolo
Publisher: PublishAmerica
Rocko loves to travel, so does his wife but can they continue to travel with kids? This is about their journey through Italy and Greece as a family of four. There are good times and bad times and always fun times. Book Award WINNER
The Damu Chronicles: Emails With A Sumerian God
Author: Rocko Paolo
Publisher: Reedsy
This book is 100% true. It took nearly 20 years for me to bring this story to the world. It is the story of a man who received email transmissions about the origins of man and more. The source of these emails claimed to not be from Earth. This is the story of conversations they had that I took part in. Book Award WINNER
Cocooning, The Butterfly
Author: Laila Doncaster
Publisher: Laila Doncaster
Knight Rider Law rules the biker world, yet as time passes and tempers flare, war is inevitable.  A biker’s war, a long-standing feud over a multi-million dollar ranch, Joseph and Halya were born to achieve the promise of the old men of long ago.  If Halya had known what the Knight Riders stood for, and their protection, would she have suffered the Demons Hell? Possibly, but that is not what happened or how it was. Book Award WINNER
Mad World, Mad Kings, Mad Composition
Author: Lisa Fishman
Publisher: Wave Books
Spanning 16 years, Lisa Fishman’s Mad World, Mad Kings, Mad Composition upends time itself in lyric, prose, & visual forms. This multifaceted book moves between observational directness & maddened speech, places & persons, humor & alarm. It is a work of immediate presence & continuous change, enacting an ever-renewing ecology of connection in peril. Book Award WINNER
Frankie the Ferret
Author: Kimberley Paterson
Publisher: FriesenPress
Do you have a pet?  Maybe a dog, or a cat, or a goldfish?  Lot’s of people do, but not many people have a pet like Frankie the Ferret.  A lovable, mischievous, and comical little fellow, Frankie fills his family home with love and laughter, and his family wants to share that with you! Book Award WINNER
The Crest, Book I of The Prophecy
Author: Jerena Tobiasen
Publisher: Jerena Tobiasen
It begins in the fall of 1914 as friends Gerhard Lange and Otto Schmidt are excited to receive orders to join Germany’s battle with France. The two soon learn there is no glory in war. They survive but return home broken men to work alongside their fathers to restore the farming community they fought so valiantly to protect. The years pass but war looms once again, and the two families must relocate to the safety of Bavaria. Book award WINNER
Varma The Warrior Brahmin
Author: Seenith Vivekananda
Publisher: Seenith Vivekananda
It is 1988 and tensions are high between India and Pakistan. Terrorists are in pursuit of an ex-diplomat for his nation’s heavily guarded secret. This leads them to Varma and his home in the state of Kerala in South India, where he and his family had relocated in search of a peaceful life. Among the trustworthy is his family: his wife, two working professional sons and student daughter as well as Sinnan, a servant that has served his family for generations. The terrorists’ demands put Varma’s household in jeopardy as a patriot to his country. Book Award WINNER
The Emerald, Book II of The Prophecy
Author: Jerena Tobiasen
Publisher: Jerena Tobiasen
In the fall of 1928, Nicolai Kota leads a Roma caravan into a community in eastern Germany. When nine-year-old Punita is attacked, the Kota family makes the difficult decision to leave her in the care of a relative. Tragedy awaits the women in Amsterdam. Tragedy awaits the women in Amsterdam Punita remains with Nicolai’s cousin to attend school. When the caravan returns six years later, Punita is a young woman in love, but before she and her betrothed can marry, he must serve a year in the youth army. Book Award WINNER
The Place
Author: Gary Collins
Publisher Flanker Press
In small, isolated outport on the northeast coast of Newfoundland toward the end of the nineteenth century – where nothing of note ever seems to happen – a woman is brutally attacked, and a murder-suicide is committed. The age-old rift between young lovers of different religions becomes a challenge, one which is met head-on, and though it is overcome in a physical sense, it carries severe emotional consequences. Book Award WINNER
The Destiny, Book III of The Prophecy
Author: Jerena Tobiasen
Publisher: Jerena Tobiasen
Mina Kota endeavours to protect her daughter Miriam in post-war Amsterdam. As Miriam matures, she discovers a family history that she comes to regret. Hart Lange is born into a family of soldiers whose wartime experiences drove their need to survive, sometimes against treacherous odds. They are a family bound together by a web of enduring love. When Miriam meets Hart, she sees an opportunity to change her life and achieve her dreams. Book Award WINNER
The Way to Go Home
Author: Catharine Leggett
Publisher: Urban Farmhouse Press
Buddy Scott awaits rescue in a remote ravine after a riding accident. As he faces possible death, he draws on stories beginning when he was as a child, orphaned in Wyoming. A drifter, he crosses the country, meets a host of unusual characters in wild situations, until he ends up in Canada intent on settling down. But until he confronts dark secrets, he can’t settle anywhere. Book Award WINNER
Shift: 4 Steps to Personal Empowerment
Author: Adele Spraggon
Publisher: Adele Spraggon
Are your patterns of behaviour continuously getting in the way and stopping you from getting the things you want most in your life? Forget, commitment, willpower, positive thinking, mindset techniques, or better goal-setting. These approaches are a thing of the past. We were told to use our mind to fix our problems, but this is simply not the case.
 Book Award WINNER
From the Lens of my Camera: This and That and a Big Black Cat
Author:  E Jean Simpson
Publisher: A & J PEI Treasures-Draft2Digital
This book gives a variety of different locations and views within Canada and our companion animals over time. Some cute, some funny and some just amazing views including some British Columbia, Alberta, Prince Edward Island a little homey stuff mixed in.  It is also a memorial to the life of our Big Black Cat (Cairo) who passed away 2019 and one of our ‘boss cats’. Book Award WINNER

BETTER AS A TEAM: The 4 Pillars of Construction Team Collaboration
Author: Allan K. Lowe
Publisher: Lowe Partnering & Scorecards Inc.
BETTER AS A TEAM: The 4 Pillars of Construction Team Collaboration contains detailed information, explanations, examples, and stories illustrating effective construction team collaboration practices and processes. This book helps construction owners, architects, engineers, and contractors improve their projects and their teams from start to finish. Book Award WINNER
Rocky Mountain Memories
Author:  E Jean Simpson
Publisher: A & J PEI Treasures-Draft2Digital
Rocky Mountain Memories allows you to explore the Banff, Jasper, Columbia Icefields and area in Canada from the comfort of your arm chair through a series of photographs. You can enjoy the beauty of the mountains and the majesty of the area without ever having to leave home. It can inspire awe in anyone to see the variety of landscapes, animals and history that you can literally see everywhere in the area.


Canada-Book-Awards-Winner-Earl-FeeCanada Book Award WINNER
Living with Spirit
Author: Earl Fee
Publisher: Tellwell Talent
Rhymed and free verse poems by Earl Fee in  five diverse sections – Spirit, Live, Love, Pathos, and Laugh. The 64 professional photos support the atmosphere of the 120 poems and help bring these down-to-earth  poems to life. The Spirit section deals with  gratitude, love, empathy, humility, helping others, and selflessness.  Be inspired by the benefits of these admirable  qualities. Book Award WINNER
Floral Photography: Hope of Life and For the Future
Author:  E Jean Simpson
Publisher: A & J PEI Treasures-Draft2Digital
This book gives a breath of fresh air through pictures of flowers taken in various Provinces in Canada. It includes pictures of visits by the author to the Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. If you love flowers, this book will give you a chance to walk through a beautiful bouquet of flower pictures. We hope you enjoy the visit. Book Award WINNER
Remember Me
Author: Mikael Lemieux
Publisher: Northern Amour Publishing
A passionate novel about the magic in finding truelove. Madeline and Elliot… That’s all people talked about. Madeline and Elliot’s partnership was the envy of the dance floor. Their story, an unspoken truth. Star crossed lovers focusing all their emotions into their dance… It was complicated. What would you do? Would you fight for true love? Book Award WINNER
Us & Everything Else: Evocative Poetry
Author: Francoise Helene
Publisher: Francoise Helene
This moving collection is more than words on the page. These poems reflect on the beauty and pain that inhabits our days and lights or darkens our path through life. Embrace the beauty in the world around you, celebrate diversity, and inspire you to see, feel, and share the beauty of everyday lives with your head held high.
 Book Award WINNER
The Gravel Pit Kids
Author: Geraldine Ryan-Lush
Publisher: Mulberry Books
David Fuller’s best friend, Kenny Finney, has a learning disability, steals, lives in a trailer home and gets caught by the cops all the time. One day, David has to move, and tragedy strikes. Told in the diary-style, memoir-driven voice of an amazingly intuitive kid, this book draws you in, and teaches you all you want to know about the struggles and joys of youth in the web of social injustice. Book Award WINNER
Able Soul
Author: Lucy Goncalves
Publisher: Able Soul Wheel press
Sharing her personal journey of overcoming the barriers of her physical disability, Lucy Goncalves reveals how God’s goodness and faithfulness are reflected in every season of life. She encourages you to welcome God into your everyday challenges overcoming your adversities with his grace. Her story is an invitation to live beyond any barrier you face. Book Award WINNER
Seashell’s Lament
Author: Geraldine Ryan-Lush
Publisher: Mulberry Books
For centuries, foreign seamen have rested in the port city of St. John’s, Newfoundland. And for centuries, foreign men have loved local women, in the darkness before the dawn as they boarded their trawlers to go back to sea, and back to their families oceans away. Author Ryan-Lush has taken this stigmatised, primitive premise of human loneliness and vulnerability, and endowed it with a soulful saga and tragedy of the modern era. Book Award WINNER
His Soldier’s Coat: Gabriel Ryan And The Knights Of Columbus Fire Of 1942
Author: Shannon Marshall Lush
Publisher: Mulberry Books
The Knights Of Columbus Fire, in a military leave center in St. John’s, Newfoundland, in 1942, took the lives of 99 souls. This catastrophic event still reverberates throughout wartime history. This is the true story of one hero’s survival, highlighting an indelible mark on a major tragedy in the annals of NL’s history. Book Award WINNER
Author: Geraldine Ryan-Lush, Doriano Strologo
Publisher: Mulberry Books
A boy has a “not so very funny wart…”, and he can’t get rid of it! Until a bizarre foray into the world of Charmers work some witchy magic. A rhyming rendition from a “wartsy” reality, this surrealistic, ghoulish story is darkly humorous, and fantastical, in folklore to modern tradition.
 Book Award WINNER
The Kiss in Her Pocket
Author: Paula McGregor
Publisher: Paula McGregor
Who would have thought that an imaginary kiss in her pocket could help with first day of school jitters and anxieties? But…it did the trick! Based on the author’s own true-life experience two decades before with her own child, the story was finally put into print, in an effort to encourage children and parents alike, dealing with separation anxiety. Book Award WINNER
Jamie’s Pet
Author: Ramona Morrow
Publisher: Page Publishing
Jamie’s Pet is about a little boy who would like to get a pet. He is not sure what kind of pet he wants. Jamie and his mother visit the local pet store. At the pet store, he soon finds all different types of animals available as pets. Jamie realizes he has a tough decision. After looking at numerous animals he has to figure out which pet to get. Jamie holds an animal and knows instantly this is the animal he wants. Jamie finds his perfect pet, his perfect friend. Book Award WINNER
Witches and Vampires
Author: Brianna Witte
Publisher: Atmosphere Press
Witches and Vampires is a fast-paced adventure of love, betrayal, heartbreak, and the fight for freedom. Venture into the heart of Elontra where wizards rule and a century’s long fight for power persists. The Dark Shadows’ cruel reign strikes fear into every magical being in the land, making their lust for control even stronger. Teenagers Merissa and Derik are caught in the struggle for power, their fates intertwined as they are forced to run for their lives. Book Award WINNER
Author: Kenton Hall
Publisher: Chinbeard Books
“Over the course of human history, there have been countless tomes composed on the subject of mental health, and an equally daunting number on the joys and perils of raising children. If you factor in the mysterious nature of twins and the long-term ramifications of being raised in a cult, however, then it’s basically this one and Harry Potter. If it helps, our story is shorter and contains fewer owls. Bisection is the story of one man, two children and bipolar disorder.

Canada Book Award WINNER
MUMPS MANIA: A Run-Away Virus Tale
Author: Geraldine Ryan-Lush
Publisher: Mulberry Books
The Doctor came. He said , real slow: “If you want those mumps to go,  you have to stay in bed, you know!” Not this kid.   Wild things happen in this MUMPSTERIFIC tale, as the Doctor gets sued, the Media has a Blast, and there is no end in sight to the robotic plight of the boy as he ends up in Close Encounters of the Virus Kind!  A hilarious, timeless health tale with a message, for all of the New Normal! Book Award WINNER
Under Big-Hearted Skies
Author: Tom Stewart
Publisher: Lucky Dollar Media
An affectionate yet piercing account of working on the prairies, mountains, lakes, and oceans. One young man’s striking account of adventure and wilderness offers up a sense of hope and optimism sure to stick with readers long after the pages are turned.
 Book Award WINNER
The Glorious Between
Author: Doug Reid
Publisher: Atmosphere Press
Emily cannot remember her past and feels as if she has never existed. “I am not my body,” she often says, meaning she feels as if we are more than just flesh and bone. Enter Patrick, a world class neurologist and Emily’s lover. Enter Alessandra, who can speak to the river, summon the sun, and redirect the moon with the tips of her fingers. Book Award WINNER
Chasing Nature
Author: Dr. Robert E. Wrigley
Publisher: Dr. Robert E. Wrigley
Chasing Nature: An Ecologist’s Lifetime of Adventures and Observations, is a 367-page book consisting of 230 short stories based on Dr. Robert Wrigley’s seven decades of studying natural history. It features 128 images of animals and plants, including 28 humorous cartoons by artist Rob Gillespie. Serious messages cover human overpopulation and resultant crises of climate change, loss of biodiversity, and environmental degradation. Book Award WINNER
The Adventures of T-Bird the Tiny Titan
Author: Liana Appelt
Illustrator: Keely Bays-Egri
Publisher: Siretona Creative
The Adventures of T-Bird the Tiny Titan is based on the true story of Thea Roelofsen’s valiant fight with cancer. The cancer won the battle, but T-Bird and her Titans are winning the war of love!
 Book Award WINNER
Sir Archibald Droolsalot – Big Dog Blues
Author: Kathryn Recourt
Publisher: Tellwell Publishing
Sir Archibald, Archie to his friends, really does drool a lot; sometimes it can help a situation. Archie thinks his best friend Bricky is being bullied by the Doberman brothers. Is this true? Can Archie protect his friend? Can Archie help the brothers understand that being friends is a much better way? Does finding common interests encourage friendship? Book Award WINNER
The Women’s Case
Author: Jean Claude Dubuisson
Publisher: Jean Claude Dubuisson
Her name was Patricia and she was brilliant. Because she was an orphan and a woman, she was barred in every single field of career that she chose to go in her life. She went to University of Mc Gill, and she was the top student in Law School, but the Quebec bar would not let her practice law because she was a woman. Therefore, she was “eligible for pains and penalties, but not rights and privileges.” Book Award WINNER
Trust Trifecta
Author: Jordan Berman
Publisher: Iguana books
Leadership is about cultivating and maintaining trust. While much has been written about trust, what about fostering it through meaningful connections built on powerful and impactful communication? Using research and decades of experience, The Trust Trifecta examines a communication combination proven to create high-trust leaders and organizations.








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